Pravardhan is a swarm network of a certified, enthusiastic and innovative minds focusing on bringing changes to the world we live in. We are black and white hive spreading colors to the spaces we step in. Committed to accelerating businesses with technology, exploring for every new possibilities is what makes us stand out among others. We have an exceptional behavior for taking work not as a granted burden but as a passionate entity. Our team explores the creative ideas in the projects we engage. That’s our benchmark we stand in.

Our Team

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work”.

Er.Pujan Shrestha

Managing Director

Er.Nirmit Dwa

Executive Director

Er.Dibya Manandhar

Procurement Director

Prabesh Karanjit

Finance Director

Sushobit Shrestha

Marketing Manager

Er.Basu Basnet

Technical Director

Umesh Bidari

Network Manager

Er.Fhiroj Shankhadev

IT Consultant

Sanam Dhakal

Backend Developer

Manaska Rai

Stategic Advisor ,MBA Cardiff

Ritika Karanjit

Frontend Developer